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Bregmans Stables and Trailriding

Bregman Stables and Trail Riding is proud to offer you the opportunity to ride horseback on some of the best trails available in North Carolina along the Sauratown Mountain Range at Hanging Rock State Park and Pilot Mountain State Park.

Enjoy Pilot Mountain State Park or The Sauratown Trail on horseback, riding well trained safe horses that are ready to show you a whole new adventure! All horses are seasoned mounts that have had years of training and know their job. All you need to do is have fun and relax, they know what to do.

Find out about your trip and what to expect when coming for a ride at Bregman’s. Experience riding along mountain trails, weaving down into wooded valleys…cross over shallow streams, absorb the beauty nature has to offer, all on horseback with one of our trusty guides to show you the way.


1056 Julius Tucker Road
Pinnacle, NC 27043



(336) 368-5740