Hillbilly Hideaway Makes it Big!

I love it when one of my favorite places to eat gets recognized by someone from outside our county. Our own Hillbilly Hide-A-Way, nestled in the middle of Stokes County in Walnut Cove, recently had the honor of being chosen the best restaurant in Stokes County on the Charleston Food Bloggers list of the best restaurants in each North Carolina county.

Now, those of us that live in Stokes County know there are plenty of places to get great tasting, home-cooked food. Country ham biscuits that make your mouth drool can be found in diners and even food counters at gas stations and country stores throughout our county, and fried chicken and its partner, creamed potatoes, are found on plenty of menus. But we all love it when our county gets a little outside recognition. Louise and Sam Bray have been putting their heart and soul into this business for 38 years, and their passion for feeding people great food in a fun atmosphere definitely shows in the crowds that flock to the Hillbilly Hide-A-Way each night.

If you haven’t been, make time to get over to Walnut Cove and see what everyone is talking about. Your order comes out family style, in bowls full of food that you can serve up on plates just like you were at home. Country ham and fried chicken are staples on the menu, but you can also feast on fish on Fridays, BBQ ribs on Saturdays and meatloaf that will put your mother’s to shame on Sundays.

While I love eating great fried chicken, there’s even more than food to enjoy at Hillbilly Hide-A-Way. Every night the air is filled with the sounds of banjos and guitars as different bands perform gospel, bluegrass or country music. Once you’ve stuffed yourself so you can’t take another bite, take a short walk to the music barn where you can enjoy live music well into the evening hours.  A night at Hillbilly Hide-A-Way isn’t just another night out to eat to escape cooking and doing dishes. It’s an adventure for the whole family that you won’t forget.