Stokes County


Stokes County, located in northwest North Carolina, offers the closest mountains to many large population centers (Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Raleigh, Durham and Chapel-Hill). In fact, Stokes County boasts the only mountain range in the US that rises and falls within its borders. The Sauratown Mountains rise from the southwest edge of the County, and run northeast for over half of its width. The Sauratown Mountains were named for the Saura Indians, a tribe that inhabited this area during the 1700’s. Within the Sauratown Mountains, you will find many interesting destinations such as Moores Springs, Piedmont Springs, Cascade Falls, Tories Den, Hanging Rock State Park, the Rock House and Moratock Iron Furnace, 58 miles of the Dan River and much more. All are easily accessible by car and much of the road system within the county has been designated as a scenic byway. So, relax and enjoy the drive!

Stokes County has a rich agricultural heritage. Much of this heritage is tied to the growth of the tobacco industry in the piedmont. Tobacco barns dot the landscape like stars in the sky. They are a symbol of the county’s past and add a great deal to the charm of the landscape. This makes a drive through Stokes County’s twisting, turning roads an adventure, you never know what lies around the next curve.

The Dan River which begins in Patrick County, Virginia near Buffalo Knob and eventually flows to the Roanoke River in Halifax, Virginia offers many amazing sites. The river enters the northwest corner of Stokes County, near the community of Asbury, flowing diagonally across the County toward the community of Pine Hall, dropping approximately 500 feet in elevation on its course through Stokes. The river takes on many characteristics as meanders through the county. It transforms from an unruly torrent at entry to a more leisurely flow as it exits. If you’re looking for a place to fish, kayak, tube or just laze about, the Dan River is for you!

While you are here, you will want to be sure to visit Hanging Rock State Park. Hanging Rock State Park was formed primarily from blocks of land donated in 1936 and contains 7040 acres today. Many of the facilities in the park were built by the Civilian Conservation Corps between 1935 and 1942. The park is located atop the Sauratown Mountains, and contains a visitor’s center, a manmade lake, and plenty of hiking trails, climbing trails, picnic areas, and campgrounds. The park boasts over 600,000 visitors each year, making it one of the 10 most visited state parks in state.

Stokes County is charming and peaceful. While you are here, you’ll enjoy getting to know our local artists at our galleries or at one of our many festivals. Visit our many “General Stores”, stop at our restaurants, fish in our lakes and rivers. After a while your will understand that Stokes County has everything you need along the way while Hanging Around The Rock.