Pilot Mountain to Hanging Rock: Not for the Faint of Heart

Running has become a popular sport for many people. Almost any weekend you can sign up for a 5K to support a good cause somewhere in the state of North Carolina. But for some runners, it’s much more than a pastime. Running is a passion, and participating in bigger and bigger races becomes the ultimate goal.

We are getting ready to host one of those big races right here in Stokes County! This Saturday, October 11, hundreds of dedicated, determined runners will line up at Pilot Mountain and make their way to Hanging Rock, running up and down hills (and even mountains), over creeks and along the paths of the Saurtown Trail system.  It’s a great way for people from all over the United States to see just how beautiful Stokes County is, in an up close and personal fashion. We are proud of our mountains, which stand away from the Blue Ridge Mountains as an isolated mountain range, giving us a unique claim to fame.

Participants will complete either a 50 mile race or a 50k race, ending up at Danbury’s own Green Heron Club  for a pig roast. Come out and show your support for this wonderful event! You can cheer runners along as they go through open areas of the trail, or show up at the Green Heron music and beverages. Paul Douse will start playing around 8:00 to help keep the party going. Let’s show everyone just how friendly people of Stokes County can be.

Thanks go out to Trivium Racing  for organizing this great event, and to By Foot Sports in King for helping sponsor the event.