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The Vineyard Camp

Covering 250 forested acres on Brown Mountain. The Vineyard is more than just an outstanding sports camp and conference center, it is a ministry dedicated to discipleship.

The Vineyard is more than just a sports camp; it is a ministry dedicated to relationships and discipleship. From the beginning, it has been our threefold goal to share God’s love, demonstrate (through the lives of our staff) holy living, and explain the challenge of discipleship. Most of our campers come from Christian backgrounds (Catholic and Protestant), but a child of any spiritual conviction is welcomed.

We try to disciple youth using a “lifestyle approach” by spending most of the day with sports and recreation and offering evening worship services and optional Bible studies at night. Whether it is a gentle hand to teach a particular skill or taking time to reflect on nature’s quiet beauty in the forest, we teach by example and wait for the child’s response. Our feedback from campers and parents is very encouraging and explains why 80% of our campers return each year.